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Rocket Fuel Soil Blend

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel was designed for the grower who enjoys a fast draining and lighter medium. Based on growers grade Manitoban long fiber peat, Rocket Fuel is one of the best indoor and greenhouse blends on the market today. To make sure there is an instant punch of nitrogen available, we use a blast of powdered calcium nitrate. Rocket Fuel allows the farmer to transplant, water plants as needed, relax, and leave the Outlaw flying to us the first couple of weeks.

Launch  Pad Bulk Outdoor Soil Blend

Launch Pad

Rogue Soil growers asked for the best possible base mix and Rogue Soil delivered. Launch Pad is a combination of high-end materials and incredibly high biological activity. We built it for the grower who desires amazing drainage in a heavier soil, for better moisture retention. Carrying on with our tradition of consistency in all of our blends, no corners have been cut with Launch Pad. Built from the highest growers grade long fiber Manitoban peat, agricultural grade coconut coir and high quality worm castings for and amazing combination of biological fun. Launch Pad provides the base for your garden to take off, Outlaw Style!

The Rogue Farmer Organic Soil Blend

Rogue Farmer

The Rogue Farmer blend was our first creation, and once grown in, it is easy to see how our quality inputs and attention to detail have built our rock solid reputation. The capillary flow created by this blend allows for unparalleled oxygenation and nutrient uptake creating a new industry standard. The flow of oxygen and nutrients coupled with the outrageous biological diversity in this blend creates our super-storm of goodness.

Ingredients: Manitoban Long Fiber Peat Moss, Aged Forest Compost, Screened Pumice, Aged Green Waste Compost, Aged Manure Compost, Coconut Coir, Coarse Perlite, Worm Casting, Glacial Rock Dust, Limestone (ph adjuster

Hard Coir Coco Blend

Hard Coir

Rogue Soil was born in the hills of Southern Oregon and Northern California that make up The Outlaw State of Jefferson. Our blends were designed and created by the need and desire for a better soil product than the industry was providing. The Hard Coir blend is no different. Hard Coir was designed for the grower who loves fast drainage without sacrificing the perfect amount of moisture retention. We combine our multi-washed coconut coir, perlite, and industry leading Manitoban long fiber peat, for a blend so soft you’ll want to use it as a pillow. Finished off with the perfect pH, mycorrhizal and calcium nitrate package, this blend is ready to go. Get planted and then get to feeding!

Salmon Run Salmon Safe Fish Safe Soil Blend

Salmon Run

Rogue Soil has always been known for trying to raise the bar of soil quality. We did it again! Salmon Run is a compilation of the best natural compounds we can find, blended with our own little twist.
This strong biological blend is the perfect combination of drainage and performance. Using pumice for our main source drainage, Salmon Run is fish friendly for our Pacific Northwest rivers, while creating a perfect amount of oxygenated capillary flow.
After folding a solid blend of dry nutrients into the mix, we liquid inoculate the soil with our proprietary oceanic bio char amendment.
This liquefied blend of hydrolyzed salmon, shrimp and crab, with powdered bio char, bull kelp and humic acid is the next level. This liquid provides a broad range of macro and micro nutrients from the sea, and feeds a diverse soil food web. It also provides nitrogen from seafood proteins enzymatically digested into amino acids, which are readily available to plants and microbes.
Calcium from fish bone and shell outperforms many conventional calcium sources. As shell bits are digested by microbes, calcium, nitrogen, and enzymatic metabolites become plant available. In summary, this is happening! Come try a Natural soil experience that will blast your plants and your smile.



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Rogue Soil was born in the hills of Southern Oregon and Northern California that make up the Outlaw State of Jefferson. Each bag is filled with a diversity of the best available natural compounds layered together to create a nutrient delivery that is usable, non-burning, yet full throttle!

“It’s about the Rogue Soil Family, and a band of outlaws that gets together every year to plant their stuff in the spring and watch it absolutely crush in the fall.”
— Simon Blair - Owner
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